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html>Stop the Hate/Unity Rally – Lewisburg, PA 2013StopthehatemainA beautiful early evening gathering once again brought members of the Bucknell community and local participants together to raise a united voice. On October 8 at 6 pm the 2013 Stop the Hate / Unity Rally sponsored by CARE, the CommUnity Zone, and Bucknell University and its Residential College of Social Justice was held at Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg. The one-hour program of remarks, spoken word and musical performances included appearances by poet Lakiyra Williams, the This is Me Project, Beyond Unison acappella group, Dr. John Bravman~ President of Bucknell University, Judy Wagner~ Mayor of Lewisburg, William McCoy~ Director of Bucknell’s Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Awareness, and Tammy Simpson~ a local anti-bullying activist whose son committed suicide in response to bullying several years ago. In a fitting ending to the evening, We Shall Overcome was sung by Beyond Unison with participation by all those gathered, acknowledging that continuing action must support sentiment.

Stop the Hate is part of a national effort calling for people of good will to act nonviolently as agents of healing in their communities, to speak up for the victims of hatred and intimidation, and to raise a united voice against hate-inspired violence. The national rallies began the year after the hate crimes and killings of James Byrd and Matthew Shepard in 1998.

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