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Federal Budget PrioritiesSenator, Pat Toomey, is one of a few who will represent the entire Senate in negotiations with the House over the shape of the federal budget.

federalbudget101_mediumThese senators could make key decisions that will either protect the Pentagon from spending cuts that are scheduled to take place in January or protect money for programs that build communities, support people in need and provide a path out of poverty.

This joint House-Senate conference committee could begin meeting as early as tomorrow. Several of these senators are already soliciting the views of their communities on budget priority issues, scheduled meetings or organizing conference calls.

Your senator needs to hear from you now, as these negotiations begin. To make sure your voice gets all the way to the top, write a letter to the editor of your local paper that mentions your senator by name. If your local newspaper has published a story about the budget, we encourage you to refer to the story in your letter to increase the chances it will be published.

Here are some talking points to help you write your letter:

  • In the upcoming budget negotiations, Sen. Pat Toomey has a choice to make.
  • People in Pennsylvania are feeling the effects of deep cuts to the programs we rely on for food, heat and housing.
  • Tell a story about your community and why you need federally-funded programs.
  • At the same time, Pentagon contractors are raking in high profits — even higher than expected.
  • I hope Sen. Toomey chooses Pennsylvania communities over profits for Pentagon contractors.

Thank you! Let us strive for a just budget.

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