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equalitypaA letter from Ted Martin of Equality Pennsylvania to Members

Greg had worked at UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) for years when his partner got sick and needed surgery. And he was heartbroken when UPMC denied his request to take leave to care for his partner of 17 years.

When he reached out to us to tell his story, Greg didn’t expect us to spring into action. But we immediately reached out to UPMC to learn more about their family leave policy.

After we alerted them to the hurtful gaps in their leave policy, the UPMC team immediately got to work examining all their policies and updating them to ensure that committed same-sex couples were given the same measure of protection as all families.

As the largest employer in the state, UPMC is often a leader in creating an inclusive workplace for all its employees. Their new family leave policy is one of several steps they’ve taken to ensure that UPMC is a safe and welcoming place for LGBT people.

But UPMC’s commitment to fairness and equality isn’t confined to their walls. They’ve also pledged their support to HB/SB300, the bill to protect LGBT people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

UPMC is sending a clear message to our lawmakers: we believe in treating all people fairly and equally. It’s time Pennsylvania laws protect all its citizens.

Thanks for supporting Equality PA. It’s because of folks like you that we’re creating real change in Pennsylvania.

Ted Martin
Executive Director
Equality Pennsylvania

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