More About CARE


What is CARE?

CARE, the Community Alliance for Respect and Equality, is a group of Susquehanna Valley residents committed to the belief in equal treatment for all. We support and value the contributions of diverse individuals—men, women, and children of every background, racial heritage, religious or spiritual tradition, age, sexual orientation, cultural affiliation, or socioeconomic background. We are a 501(c)(3), non-political, non-profit, non-denominational organization.

Our Vision

Overall, the Alliance is given to the principles of inclusion and diversity with the ultimate aim of helping to create the kind of community in which the rights of all peoples to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are fully acknowledged. We value the rich and varied experiences of Susquehanna Valley residents and believe in the strength of diversity. We seek to promote understanding and connection among ourselves and the larger community.

What We Do?

Members of CARE meet monthly to engage in constructive discussions and to envision positive actions that will address current concerns in our area. We inform and educate each other and seek methods of responding to prejudice in our community.

We host events to celebrate our many backgrounds and to foster connections among community residents of all cultures and ages.

CARE is part of a larger state-wide network of Unity Coalitions, citizens’ groups promoting equality, diversity and nonviolence.

CARE Serves the Community by:

  • organizing and contributing to community activities that enhance appreciation for diversity
  • providing resources to local schools that will promote positive relations, increase respect, and improve cultural understanding
  • offering community education programs and sensitivity workshops to local governments, business, houses of worship, civic organizations, social service agencies, and other groups
  • serving as advocates and consultants for individuals and groups with particular concerns
  • working with the local media to enhance community awareness and promote justice


Finacial statements are available, upon request, to members and others. We file every year in April with the IRS to maintain our 501(c)(3) status. If you wish to receive a copy, please send a request by mail or email to CARE.


We do not use ‘cookies’ and do not collect any data about anyone who accesses our website. The only data we will have about you is that which you voluntarily submit to us. We never share data with any other individual or entity unless you ask us to.

CARE’s Leadership

Steering Committee members:
  • Coralynn Davis
  • Ann Longanbach
  • Lakeisha Meyer
  • Cynthia Peltier
  • Mimi Rice
  • Iris Rifkin-Gainer
  • Alex Skitolsky
  • Margie Torres


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